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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers


The following questions are the most popular questions that we get asked, if you have any more please do not hesitate to contact me


Q. Should we meet the photographer before we book?

A 100% yes, its very important that you like and trust the photographer that is going to capture your big day. We encourage a meeting for a chat about the kinds of photography you like and the style of photography you want for your day.


Q. We are going to see our venues to finalise times, how long do we need for photography?

A. If you are going to finalise your times before we meet 2 weeks before the wedding, give me a call and we can arrange to move our meeting to earlier so you have the information to hand when you visit the venues.


Q. Do you only cover weddings in the Northwest area?

A. We cover weddings all over the uk and have no restrictions on mileage we will travel for your wedding. We do require a small mileage charge after 30 miles radius from us. If the wedding is over 85 miles radius other expenses will be incurred.


Q. I'm unable to meet in the day for a meeting?

A. No problem, we not only offer daytime appointments but also we offer evening and weekend appointments.


Q. How do we book your services?

A. Simple, once we have your information, we can send you a online booking form. we require a £75 Booking fee and that coupled with your booking form reserves that date for you. 


Q. I see your a MPA member, whats that?

A. Master Photographers Association. Its a organisation that requires us to be judged by a selection of judges from around the world to establish that we are worthy of calling ourselves a qualified member of the MPA.


Q. How many pictures do i get?

A. We never limit your photographs, we cover weddings with 25 guests and we cover weddings with 500 guests, there a lot more photo opportunity in the latter wedding and we don't believe that we should stop supplying photographs just because we reached the limit. You will receive the pictures that pass through our fully optimising workflow.


Q. Whats the difference between a mini studio and a photo booth?

A. Photo booth tends to be a unmanned photo box like a traditional type you find in supermarkets, the mini studio is a mobile setup with studio lights and draped red background to give a feeling of a stage curtain. we offer a  selection of fun outfits for you to use and have fun with.


Q. How many posed group shots should i pick (Everyone,Bridal party etc)?

A. We can take a selection of group photographs, we do advise you to speak to us early if you have any doubts on how long you require for your photographs. The more group pictures you pick the more time you will need for them. We have a standard set of traditional photographs if you require them plus you can add any special ones.


Q. I want my wedding to be different?

A. Every wedding is unique and we treat it that way. We have a huge selection of styles of photographs that we use and don't have a "stamp" of set posses so that would make all wedding photographs the same. Some posses suite different venues and couples , this allows us to keep your photographs fresh and unique.


Q. How long do i have to wait after the wedding for my photographs?

A. We know you will be desperate to see your wedding pictures so we ask you to give us a call when your back from your honey moon to make your appointment to view, we arrange an appointment for you to view your pictures.


Q. What happens during bridal preparation?

A. During the meeting we have approx two weeks before the big day, we discuss which elements of the bridal preparation you like. Typically we capture the dress hanging up, jewellery and any special mementoes and the preparation of hair and make up of the bride and family. There are classic pictures of the dress being completed that we love take, but all these items are discussed in the pre meeting to see what you love about bridal preparations and we tailor it to your day.


Q. Do we need two photographers?

A. We do offer the option of having a extra photographer ( at extra cost, please contact me for details ). We do advise that the second photographer only takes second position as our lead photographer will always have the prime position and for this reason we don't promote this option and offer it under request only.


Q. We love Facebook, can we put pictures of us online.

A, Your have the right to use your pictures of you in anyway you see fit, expect for publication in hello or similar magazine!, in this case we advise the magazine on your behalf. we will also with your permission post some of your pictures on our Facebook/instagram/Pinterest/Google+/Twitter







Q. Do we have anywhere online for our photographs?

A. Yes, all your processed pictures will be online under a secure password that only yourself and anyone you wish to have access to. If you prefer to have the gallery open to all visitor then that i an option too.


Q. Do you have a assistant with you?

A. All depends on the size of the wedding, but 95% of the time i do have an assistant to help with setup and structure for the photographic sessions.


Q. Do you have any different covers to your albums?

A. We have a large selection of covers on offer including materials, silk,leather, acrylic and even fur!


Q. Do you offer videography?

A. No, we concentrate on the photography, creating images that you will love is our main objective.


Q. What is trash the dress session?

A. After the big day has come and gone, we offer a post wedding photo session for the bride and groom. We travel to location where you don't have to think about keeping the dress clean but concentrate on producing some dramatic pictures. Beach, urban are just a few examples.


Q. Do we provide a meal for you if your staying with us all day.

A. Thanks you but there no need to plan our meal, we bring with us everything we need for the day.